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Monopoly: The Materials Edition


Monopoly: The Materials Edition was developed by PhD students from the Advanced Metallic Systems Centre for Doctoral Training. The students developed the game as part of a public engagement project which aims to raise awareness of materials science and engineering and engage people with the world of metallurgy.

The Game

The game is played just like traditional Monopoly but instead of purchasing property, players buy different materials as they travel around the board. Materials including metals, ceramics, polymers and composites all feature in the game. Investing in research and development enables you to buy labs and research centres to upgrade your material to a more advanced technology, for example turning steel from paperclips into skyscrapers!
The property cards provide a brief description of the technology. Those with red backs are aimed at upper GCSE and A-Level students and the blue cards use simpler language for younger students (~KS3).
Full game instructions are included with your game board.

The Website

This website provides additional information on each of the materials and technologies included in the game that we hope will be useful for teachers and students. Click on the lightbulb to find out more. There are also links to videos, activities and other online resources. It is very much a work in progress and we will be adding to over time.
There are other resources to support teachers who light like to use the game in different ways. The cards are available to download in pdf format together with a blank template for students to create their own game card. You can also download some basic material property data for each of the raw materials.

How to Order the Monopoly Board

Monopoly: The Materials Edition has been reprinted and is available to order by schools whilst stocks last! Schools can order up to a maximum of 5 boards from the University of Sheffield online shop. The boards are available free of charge but we ask for a contribution of £5/board for UK postage and £10 internationally. Please note that boards will be posted to your school address.

Contact us

We would be very interested to hear from you about how you're using the game, suggestions for the website and resources you would be happy to share. The Materials Monopoly team can be contacted at